When the going gets tough…

I am reaching the point in a diet & exercise change that I usually begin to fail.  It's amazing how predictable I am with this all.  At two months, I start to wear down.  The two month point exactly?  November 8th.

I do not know what puts me in this frame of mind.  The journey so far has given me great results and many self discoveries.  If I hadn't already gone down 17 pounds, maybe I would have fallen off sooner, but last night I tried to put on that ball dress again...still not there with 2 weeks still to go.  I also just got rid of everything 14 & over in my closet.  The women's sizing war has gotten me yet again.

My thoughts are that if I put this out there.  I tell my husband.  I tell all of you.  I just tell anyone that I can better hold myself accountable through this wanting to give up.  I can make it passed this hump.  This is not a fight of will.  It's a fight of emotions.

If I keep on this track, I can be below the "obese" category before Christmas.

I can start the New Year working on getting myself from "overweight" to "healthy".

Before summer, I can hit my weight goal.

It IS possible.  I AM possible.