Milspouse Made

Almost two years ago, I was sitting in my apartment in Greensboro feeling a need to do something.  I was not quite sure what.  I was searching for something.  I was searching for a way to share.  To connect.  To help.

I am everything my husband needs of me for every minute he needs it and then some.  When the kids need me, I am also there for every minute they need it and then some.  If a family member or friend needs me, I will devote what ever I need to them at that point and then some.  At the end of the day, I am not upset with my choices.  I am proud to know that I have maintained my goal of being that person that is there for them.  I am proud to be their rock.  And at the end of the day, if I'm lucky, I have a minute for me.  For me to do what I love.  To sew.  To craft.  To create beautiful things.  In that very minute, I have my joy.  It's my personal joy.

To just further explain to you what I mean about my joy.  I am a creator of beautiful things that are purchased and loved.  There is a piece of me that goes out in every one of my packages.  In that one package, I am able to feel my joy, express my creativity and have a moment of relaxation.  All of that comes to me with a great big bow of being paid to do it!  So how could I do more?  How could find what else was missing when I feel as though I have it all?  Then it hit me.

Not everyone out there is as blessed.  Not every milspouse owned business is as fortunate or even always able to stay afloat.  It's hard living the life we live where our personal identity is to stand behind our military spouse.  We put our dreams on the shelf plenty of times.  Shop Military Spouse Made was to created to give other spouses like me a way to have that minute of joy.  That minute of a piece of them being shown.  It supports their minute to shine because that minute may be all they have.

Through the Shop Military Spouse Made directory, you can find almost 200 shops managed by a milspouse or military member.

You have heard of “Shop Handmade” & “Shop Local”.  Well this page is to support Military Spouse Made & Military/Military spouse businesses!

It does not matter if you or your spouse is currently active or retired, you are still welcome here!  We also do kindly welcome any and all military shops including our military children!  All handmade products are welcome as well as all military/military spouse businesses! We have even added in the various home business representatives like Scentsy and Pampered Chef to our albums.

We may not always be local but we leave a little bit of our hearts everywhere we go!

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