Recently, I've been seeing a lot of people talking a out old traditions and new. There are so many out there that never crossed my mind! This year we are starting a new one or two here, but I figured that I'd let you in on what I've down in the past.

As a kid...
1. My mom would buy my brother and I matching pjs.
2. Felt advent calendar with a mouse that we'd move every morning.
3. Cookie baking! We're talking 10-20 dozen cookies!
4. Stockings opened when we woke but presents had to wait till Dad woke up.
5. Rudolph claymation and Griswold Christmas movies!

1. Christmas tree up on Thanksgiving night.
2. New porcelain photo ornament for the year.
3. Elf on the shelf.
4. Baking cookies to Frank Sinatra for family members' tins.
5. Exchanging of The Pickle.
6. Birthday cake for Jesus.