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The Adrienne Wrist-let by Nicole Michelle's Creations

I recently received a wonderful package from a dear dear awesome designer from Nicole Michelle's Creations. I offered to do a review for her brand to you know just help out a fashion lover to another:) I was amazed and greatly appreciative that she agreed to give me the opportunity to review her wonderful products.
Just a few weeks ago I was given a package beautifully wrapped in brown crepe paper and a cute Thank You card which totally made my heart melt 🙂
As soon as I opened up the wrapping I was surprised and deeply enamored by the beauty of my new clutch. I was exceptionally made with the most intricate design possible, the colors were vibrant and the size of the Wrist - Let was just exactly how I imagined it.

The wrist-let was about 8 x 4 in size in white and navy blue with a red zipper, with a chevron print.

With its size and beautiful design you could definitely fit just the right amount for everything you need may it be for a party or for everyday, the design, cut and color was versatile enough to use it on any type of occasion.
Dress it up or keep it casual this Adrienne wristlet is the right one for you.
order yourself one now at Nicole's Etsy site!
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Watch out for my Interview with Nicole Michelle's Creations coming up soon! Plus Top Picks from her Etsy Shop that you're sure to swoon over!♥