My Journey

1. Went through the cabinets. Got rid of the super bad stuff and replaced it with better options. Simple as instead of cheese goldfish to the whole grain goldfish, regular pasta to whole grain pasta, stouffer's/totinos pizza to kashi's/lean cuisine/smart ones.

2. Water! Lots and lots of ICED water! I quit soda all together (not budget friendly to have them either!). Read that 16 oz iced water in the morning increases your metabolism 24%! You burn more calories drinking iced vs room temp too!

3. Apps/Sites... MyFitnessPal - ALL the time!, MapMyRun - helps map the distance you go and FitBit - good friend bought me a fitbit & it keeps me on track to not falling below on my activity level even if that's just lapping the house 🙂

Blogilates' Arm Challenge success picture!!!

4. Youtube Blogilates videos - Short and awesome! Easy to do in tight quarters and short enough that you can sneak them in without the kids interrupting (longest like 15 - 30?)

5. Followed Too much on her plate's free audio lessons on how to beat emotional eating. You can get them by subscribing to her site.

6. Recipes!,, and

7. The biggest and most important for me. Get a physical. Bloodwork and everything.

8. Walk/C25K

9. I was losing doing all of this but I wasn't getting fit. I was lacking protein and vitamins. That's where the Body By Vi came in. That's when the body fat % and inches started dropping massively.

10. Waist trimmer! This is helps the heat and sweat concentrate on the mid section! And this one...I use it on my arms!