I’m a runner!

Sunday was a big deal!  My very first 5K!

I am only up to week 6 day 2 of the C25K program, but I figured this would be a fun test of will.

I have never really been a runner.  The thought of running exhausted me.  When I look at my friend, Emily, and her feat of the Marine Corps Marathon, I...well I'm at a loss for words.  The strength needed is only the smallest portion of it.  The mental is insane!!!

We did it though!  We ran the 5K!

Adrian had his baby girl's in the double stroller and still ran 24 - 26 minutes.  I honestly cannot remember what he had said.

I had little man in the stroller while running with Emily, Misty and Misty's daughter.  Emily thankfully switched of pushing Aiden with me.  We finished at 36 minute something.  I really should have watched the timer!

It's done and I feel great.  I did it.  I am actually comfortable saying...  I'm a runner!