The Road to Christmas

The time leading up to Christmas feels different this year.

Aiden understands more than ever this year and continues to get Lilli excited for it.  It's really amazing how much he carries moments because Lilli looks up to him so much.

The Christmas movies have been played non-stop as well as the music too.  Our tree and all other decorations have been up since Thanksgiving night.  Kids have been wearing their Christmas pajamas and all outfits   Needless to say that we are Christmas'd to the max!

We have been baking and crafting already.  Aiden told me that he really wanted a tree to count down the days like Curious George because getting there is half the fun (one of the songs from the movie).  I could not say no so I put aside life for a day and my babies & I made an advent tree.  Recently, we started the dough for some gingerbread decorating later on!

Since this is also our first year in a house, it was time for lights!  Adrian was actually really excited for this.  Me...not so much!  As I watched Adrian climbing across the roof, I swear I did not stop praying that he would not fall down.  Aiden, on the other hand, was all about designing and monitoring Daddy's work.

We bought an inflatable Santa on a present with a teddy bear for the yard, but this little man here told us that we need to have more.  More lights make our house look even prettier than it already is because it's our home.  How can you fight with that logic???  This is our first real home.  We've been purposely taking rides out at night to see all the other houses too!

We have also been teaching the kids about what this time is really about.  While out and about, Aiden is my little donation giver.  He understands that we are giving money and gifts to people that are not as lucky as we are to have all that we do.  Aiden loves to put a dollar in the Salvation Army red bucket.  He has also been helping me go through clothes that do not fit us anymore.  The GCF (Goodwill) received a bunch of our things that we no longer needed.  We sent a box up to help with the efforts in restoring after Hurricane Sandy.    Toys for Tots is also one that we give to since it is special to my husband's heart after the years of helping with the collection efforts while we lived in Greensboro.

This year has already been the best yet and we are not even close to Christmas day!