Weight Loss: Victory!

Your excuseAHHH!  10 Days left!!!  10 Days left!!!  Victory and the feeling of completion is in my grasp!!!!

Lately, some people have been getting grumpy with me and my weight loss victory.  Here's what I have to say.  Read back through this blog.  Every Friday's weight loss post.  There have been over 30!  I started this in 6/1/2012.  That's when I realized I seriously had a problem.  I've put the work in.  I've done the time.  This has not been over night!  Only grumpiness you can have is with you.  I keep saying that it has to start with you.  You have to want a change.  You have to want to take the steps.  Then once you do...I can help.  Just ask and be ready for it.

Weight: 182.7 lbs today

Total loss: 25.9 lbs & 19.8" since 9/8/12

90 Day Challenge: Down 18.06 lbs BF, 18.8″ lost & Up 0.75 lbs lean muscle

Body Fat %: 35%

BMI: 30.4

Highest weigh-in to date: 243.5 lbs on 3/11/2008 (The day I went in to labor with Aiden. Not sure if I had been higher. I do remember wearing 18/20 mostly & being sized at a 22 for a bridesmaids dress.)

Weight goal: 134 lbs (last seen in high school)


  • Day 80 of the Challenge!!!
  • Every night!  20 "girl" push-ups, 40 tricep push-ups, 40 crunches and lots of stretching
  • Week 7 Day 1 of the C25K with the hubby’s and Emily & Misty’s help!
  • 10.52 miles ran/walked this week!  I’m trying to be sure to give myself recovery days, so that's from 4 days running and 3 recovery days!
  • Using the foam roller every night after a run to help with my muscles on my shins.
  • Blogilates‘s Arm Challenges!

Also join us if you’d like on the 90 Day Challenge! You can also join the Facebook group to watch Adrian and my day to day posting of the Challenge with info & best of all recipes! And please if you want to do this with me, I will gladly add you on MyFitnessPal so we can encourage one another! You can click on the badge along the right side to find me!

Recipes tried this week!  (Little man and I were under the weather in the beginning of the week so not much going on in the kitchen this week.)

  • We made a quinoa crab fried rice.  Quinoa cooked in fat free broth with green pepper, onion, mushrooms, 2 eggs, crab and sesame seeds cooked in a little bit of sesame seed oil.  So yummy!!!