You, me and a cup of Vi


I made it! I finished my 90 Day Challenge!

In the end, I can say...

1. I'm down 22.44 pounds, gained 2.94 lean mass, and down 23.30 inches.
2. I have gone from a 41% body fat to a 33%. I honestly did not even know that I had been that bad!
3. My clothing has gone from a comfortable size 18 to a size 12. I was even able to put on a size 10 little black dress!
4. I am educated better on my health. I now understand that I need to have a better balance between eating, sleeping, hydrating and exercise.
5. When starting, exercise with rest days in between allows for recovery which is just as important as anything else.
6. Not every one is the same and will take different efforts.
7. HONESTY! You get out exactly what you put in.
8. Eating less does NOT make you get fit. It actually makes you more unhealthy because your body is starving. Eat when you are hungry and just be conscious of what you are eating.
9. Everything in this life can have an excuse or a checkmark. You stop you from completing things. I looked at friends in the beginning of 2012 saying I wasn't a runner and could never do that. Now, I have already done a 5K and am starting a 10K training.
10. Healthy food is NOT bland, boring food. The world has changed and so many more healthy options are available. The recipes are filled with flavor! You just need to look for them!