Our night out in Houston!

Our night out...

We miss out on a lot. Being hundreds of miles from our family, we very rarely are able to make it to family events. Luckily all the stars aligned and we were able to witness the marriage of one of my husband's cousins.

Since we were staying with my mom, she was able to watch the kids for us and allow us the chance of much needed adult time! We started it all pretty exciting too...oil change! Ok I know...that's how we start no kid time!?! Those who know what it's like to wait with children for anything understand us! (Oh and it was also at this time I realized I did not have my wallet in my purse.)

Went over to Barnes & Noble while waiting. Enjoyed some Starbucks, WiFi and some new purchases. I needed to find a new journal for 2013.


I ended up choosing the "Love your Life" book. From there, we picked up our truck (after not receiving a call it was done). Almost ran late to my hair appointment! I try to hold off on my haircuts to when I go to visit. Allison at Salon Bliss in Lafayette has been the best stylist I've ever been too. The only one in the last few years that I haven't been fearful to let put shears to my hair.


And wouldn't you know...as we are in the salon is starts to pour outside! Thank goodness I had my jacket with me to throw over my head! Then we headed back to the house to get my wallet and continued on to Houston.

Adrian and I enjoyed our 3 1/2 hour trip with lots of conversation and no crying. We did have to make a pit stop for a card and dress socks (another item forgotten). As we pulled up to our hotel, we were kind of in a rush to get changed and make it to the wedding.  I had even done my make-up on the way there!!!

Ran up to the third floor. We were making good time...until my dress. The zipper got caught on the fabric. It was my beautiful LBD in a size 10 and the zipper was busted!!


So sad!!! We decided to run out and try to find another dress quickly. After a Target and Ross trip, luckily I found a dress. It was big...but it would have to work!


Thankfully we made it in time for the reception! It was an absolutely beautiful night! The couple looked spectacular!  So many family members were there! The reception hall was decorated with black and white damask. The bride was simply breath taking! And the best part for us? We actually had the chance to see it!


At the wedding's end, we slowly made our way back to the hotel. It had been a long day for us, but well worth it!


From our night to our morning, we traded in our dressy shoes for our running shoes. Our original intention was to run on the treadmills in the fitness center but I needed to indulge our kid free moment just a little more. We ventured to Memorial Park!  And I must say that if you're looking for reasons NOT to run...do not go there!  We saw everyone from elderly couples, a man in a wheelchair, woman with a cast, a pregnant woman and a ton of young kids running with their parents.  It was truly inspiring!!!


After the cold but gorgeous scenery for our 10K training run, we made it just in time for breakfast!  Even with us coming in close to the end of breakfast time at the hotel, the two gentlemen at the Hilton still were pleasant and helpful!!!  I felt so bad for holding them up so we were sure to leave a great comment about them and at least pick up the plates & bring them to the setup area for them 🙂


We drove back to my mom's with huge smiles and feeling regenerated!  It was another amazing venture with the love of my life!!!