Izzy turns ONE!

Photo Credit to Charmed Life Photography

That moment has come!

Our little Isabel is ONE!

Mommy and Daddy love you so much little one.  I still cannot believe that this day is already here.  It feels like only yesterday we were heading over to Nikki Glace Photography for your new born pictures in 29 Palms, CA!

Photo Credit to Nikki Glace Photography
Photo Credit to Nikki Glace Photography

Now here we are across the nation and celebrating a whole year since that day at the hospital.

Big Changes:  We may actually have a molar or 2 coming in!  Oh and she might be ready to give up her paci!

Foods:  Little Izzy is somewhat rejecting baby food for the good stuff unless it's one of her favorite Gerber pouches.  She loves loves loves apples!

Talky Talky:  She is still in the giggling and babbling of baby talk.

Loves!:  Her new toys from Christmas but especially her dream lite giraffe from her Nanny and her glow worm from her Grandpa Frank

Movement:  She is walking behind push toys.  I think if Adrian and I were to sit with her more that she'd already be going but I don't think I'm ready for my itty bitty to take off.

Sleepy Baby:  Isabel is still a good night sleeper and still a 2 napper during the day.  We have most definitely been blessed!