Daddy’s hope at restoring balance!

On January 23rd, I woke up after an odd dream.  Sleeping on my stomach (weird) and murmuring to myself, "Kaleb Cole would be a great name".  Needless to say, I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.  Within 3 minutes a test told us to start preparing for baby #4.  I think I was still in shock or disbelief so we went and picked up a digital test for the next morning.  Low and behold, the confirmation was there.  I immediately called to schedule a pregnancy confirmation with my doctor because I know all too well the possible hoops to jump through with Tricare.  By that Friday, there were now 3 tests telling us not to get rid of the crib.  Baby #4 is on the way!

Daddy's Hope

My husband and I had been talking about extending our family one more time.  It is as perfect as we could dream right now, but one more would give us more to love and even us out too.  Someone we had met while he was stationed in Greensboro had told us that you always want to even out then each person has someone else.  No odd man out.  It made total sense to us, but I'd being lying if I said that we had been trying.  The plan was for the end of the year, but we will take our blessings as they come!