Word-filled Wednesday: Our world of social media

OWN ITI have noticed more over the last two years in my own mental re-configuring of how I want to share my little life here that what we once knew of the classic relationship bonds are gone.  The replacement, social media, has definitely increased everyone's level of interaction but at what cost?  We friend/follow/subscribe to our family members, friends, co-workers, long lost people from our past but we share the same information with all of them.

  • Our boss may catch word of how we are running late because we simply hated our job.
  • Our great aunt hears how we went out partying the night before and don't remember how we got home.
  • Our acquaintance who knows this other person tells them that we don't like them and are posting about them.
  • Our husband's co-worker's wife relays how we are talking about their hours and sneaking in a day off.  (Or worse...military!  You dare say something against OPSEC and now your hubby has to face the consequences.)

But on the flip side...

  • We find people that we thought we had lost contact with forever ago and are re-united.
  • We grow closer to family members that were always too far away.
  • We stay connected as we move around the country.
  • We allow grandparents to see pictures of their grandbabies that they may not have the chance to see every day.

Every great achievement in life comes with a price.  Some people will tell you it wasn't worth it.  It has broken ties that cannot be fixed. Others will tell you that it's all in the hands of the user.  You keep private what you want private and problem solved.  Then there's the few that you find the topic of talk shows...the ones who develop a separate reality through social media.  They try to convince people of things that never were.

Friendships and families can quite literally be torn through actions on them.

Loves and families created can be found through using them.

My advice...share what you would only want the world to know.  Think about something in depth before you post it.  Be prepared to accept what happens afterwards.  And remember this.  With silent actions, you leave the imagination to roam.  If you would not walk up, punch someone and walk away, why would you delete/block/unfollow/unsubscribe without explanation?  It's a death to common courtesy and the beginning to the feeling as though your actions are simply self-serving & there's nothing wrong with that.