Fit Prego: Keeping my mental in check

20130304-104727.jpgIt's so hard to remind yourself that you NEED to gain a little weight for the baby. You have to increase your water intake to the point you feel like you're floating away. Indulging on little cravings are a must to keep you happy. Thankfully I'm doing a lot better this time than I was with my last. By this point, I had already gained 14 lbs! I am already showing to me, but that's what I find continues as we decide to have more babies...that and I've also lost a layer that would have hidden it a little longer with all my hard work.

This week was a little rough. Found that my sub clinical hypothyroidism isn't sub clinical anymore due to the pregnancy. I'm now taking a medication to help regulate it so there won't be any harm to me or the baby. It definitely answers why I have felt so sleepy and completely stripped of energy. It was as bad as me taking 3 naps a day and for is unheard of! I even found articles out there that said your thyroid hormones may double in the beginning! It makes sense to me now why I've always gained about 1/3 - 1/2 of my total pregnancy gain in the first trimester! BUT I'm finally back to my normal self thankfully!

Here goes…

Weight: 185.7 lbs today

Pregnancy Weight Start: 177.8 lbs as of 1/23/13

Week: 11 d5

Total pregnancy gain: 7.9 lbs


  • Day 58 of the second Challenge! I have altered my challenge goal to maintain a healthy pregnancy gain.
  • Started up running again on the treadmill during Izzy's nap time. Setting it up in the garage has helped with me getting overheated too fast and I still get the fresh air of outdoors with the garage door open.
  • Every night! 20 “girl” push-ups, 40 tricep push-ups from the Blogilates arm challenge! No more plank attempting or tummy exercises.
  • Still wearing my size 12s! Definitely going to have to start looking into my maternity clothes soon. Going to need to take a bit in on them though so sewing work ahead. I was 22 lbs lighter starting this pregnancy than any of my previous.

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Recipes tried this week! You can find the pin board of them here