Letters to you: 13 weeks

005Here's my letter to you...

You may be wondering why I have chosen to write to you on odd weeks.  Well the answer to that is simple.  You're our first odd baby.  Your big brother was born in 2008, your older sissy in 2010 and your younger sissy in 2012.  You will be the first to have an odd year like Daddy and I.

This week was an amazing one.  We got to see you.  All of us did!  This was Daddy's first time being able to make it to a normal ultrasound so you should find that you are already a special little one!  The doctor said you look healthy and have a good heartbeat.  All of my mommy worrying is quieted.  I'm sorry but I'll be doing that your entire life.  It's simply what mommies do and it means that we care.

I am very thankful that you've decided to ease up on the nausea and allowing me to sleep again.  Oh and you're sure a healthy little one!  You and I have been running a lot.  Some friends are already joking on how you're going to come out with running shoes on!