Fit Prego: Holy energy boost!

I think this is what I am ordering for the half marathon!
I think this is what I am ordering for the half marathon!

As the weather is starting to get nicer again, I find that spurts of energy are coming back big time!  Thank goodness for that!  I was at the point of napping 3 times throughout the day...well on a bad day.  After starting the thyroid medication, my weight hasn't really gone up any more.  I'm hoping that starting a running routine again instead of my walking & walk/running will help continue to maintain that.  So far so good!

It's really weird to me and I do have trouble letting it sink in that I haven't gained anymore.  That I'm not in maternity clothes.  That I'm actually feeling alright and like myself.  This is definitely a different pregnancy but I don't think that's a freak occurrence by far.  I was in the process of getting fit and healthy.  Maybe this is what a pregnancy should have been like all along!

Here goes…

Weight: 185.7 lbs today

Pregnancy Weight Start: 177.8 lbs as of 1/23/13

Week: 13 day 6

Total pregnancy gain: 7.9 lbs


  • Day 73 of the second Challenge! I have altered my challenge goal to maintain a healthy pregnancy gain.
  • Starting to get back into my half marathon training.  I've taken off more than enough!
  • Still do it while I can!  20 “girl” push-ups, 40 tricep push-ups from the Blogilates arm challenge!  No more plank attempting or tummy exercises.
  • No maternity clothes yet!  Tried wearing some old capri 14s...I think I'm going to need to find the belly be-band to keep them up or a belt!

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