Fit Prego: Taking a moment.

Cafe Press never lets me down!
Cafe Press never lets me down!

Enter in lack of confidence.  It's hard when you're in the beginning of a pregnancy when you already are fighting the mental aspects of your body image.  I'm still hanging tight in my normal clothes but there's a bump.  I'm ok with the bump.  Well I'm ok with it at home and around friends.  They all know what and why.  It's not that I've starting binging on junk food and gained a belly.  I'm creating an itty bitty in there.  BUT this last weekend I felt the burn of my lack of confidence in public.

When you are further on, there's no awkward female looks at what you're wearing.  It's just that happy baby look.  I wore my long Old Navy tank and shirt over that to properly cover the growing mid section even if I raised my arms.  I felt fine walking out of the house but then when we went into a store...I felt the looks.  I felt them so much that I walked around with my hand over my belly.  Hoping that the female unsaid sign of "I'm carrying" would make them turn to the happy eyes.  Adrian tells me that I looked perfectly fine, but we all know the female looks that burn.

At the end of our day out I wanted one thing and one thing only.  A shirt.  A shirt to say to the world..."I'm not chubby.  I'm growing a life"

Here goes…

Weight: 185.7 lbs today

Pregnancy Weight Start: 177.8 lbs as of 1/23/13

Week: 14 day 5

Total pregnancy gain: 7.9 lbs


  • Day 79 of the second Challenge! I have altered my challenge goal to maintain a healthy pregnancy gain.
  • Back into my half marathon training.  I have taken off more than enough!
  • Still trying to do push-ups at night but holding form is getting a little harder as the bean gets bigger.
  • Setting to do some of the easier pace Blogilates videos again to fight the laziness
  • No maternity clothes yet!
  • OH!  And I was super excited to find a Whole Foods this weekend.  They had my red raspberry leaf tea that I've used throughout each pregnancy!

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