Letters to you: 15 weeks

deborah_edwards_feathered_friends_birds_in_tree_panel_in_multiHere's my letter to you...

This week I found something perfect other than you.  I found the perfect bedding panel and fabric for your bed.  Your grandmother is lovingly quilting it for you, so you will have a one of a kind!

Things have been rather quiet these last two weeks.  We are anxiously waiting for the appointment of the next ultrasound to be scheduled.  Daddy and I have started to look at names and their meanings.  Names are really important to us.  It's one of the biggest parts of who you'll end up being.  In our little family, each of the names chosen have a meaning to us.  Your brother's name, Aiden, is a name that Daddy chose and his middle name, Frank, was after Daddy's father, Mommy's brother and Mommy's pop pop.  Your sister, Lilli Marie, was named after both Mommy and Daddy's maternal grandmothers.  We did not even plan it with your sister, Isabel Noelle, but it turns out that Isabel is a name in Daddy's family!

Although I woke up that morning with the thought "Kaleb Cole" would be a good name, we are still thinking.  No matter what your name ends up just know that you are and will be forever loved in our little family!