Letters to you: 17 weeks

Here's my letter to you...

We had a check up this week.  You're a healthy little one and lying on the left side just like your brother and sisters had.  There was some exciting news we received.  It's the appointment to your anatomy ultrasound!  In about 2 weeks, we'll know what you are and can start finding a name for you other than the bean.

You're treating me so well lately.  I have been feeling great and sleeping well.  I will admit that I'm anxious to feel your little movements which I think I may have here and there but nothing I could be totally sure of.

Your big sister, Lilli, talks about you all the time.  She keeps wanting to peek in at you through mommy's belly button or try to listen to you.  Your brother is very eager to see if you're a little brother or sister.