Fit Prego: No chance!

healthy dietA lot of people have asked me if I have intentions to slow down...not a chance.  I am listening to my body and I plan to keep on going.  Pregnancy does not stand for do whatever you feel like.  Eating for two and cravings does not have to stand for a vacation from healthy, but that all goes back to what you consider healthy living I think.  I have seen this list this last week and I cannot find anything with more truth out there.

Being healthy does not mean that you're sentenced to eat only this or that.  It's the moment you need to start listening to your body.  Find out what it wants and needs.  I've always tested low for iron so my body needs iron-rich foods.  When I'm craving a steak or a burger, it's because I'm running low.  I make sure to keep red meats, spinach, iron-rich grains and beans in the foods I make and eat.

This journey has made me realize a lot about myself.  It has made me more aware.  Being pregnant, doesn't change that.  My body wants certain foods.  My body wants to go out and stretch my muscles.  My body wants me to keep going.  I'm in the best shape I could be right now and that's in my mind, body & soul.

Here goes…

Weight: 188.3 lbs today

Pregnancy Weight Start: 177.8 lbs as of 1/23/13

Week: 20 day 6

Total pregnancy gain: 10.5 lbs


  • My third Challenge!  Not really tracking as much except for maintaining my pregnancy gain under the healthy amount of 20 lbs.
  • I took this week off except for Saturday.  Had to give myself time to recuperate.
  • Saturday was my first beach run!  Emily, Misty and I did 5 miles.  Most of it was good until we turned around and were blasted with the wind, but hey, that's still good exercise!  My muscles sure told me so!
  • On Day 18 of the 30 day squat challenge!  Oh man my legs are feeling it!!!
  • Staying steady with MyFitnessPal again!
  • No spin class this last week but returning to it this week!
  • Doing push-ups still!  I’m up to 40.  I've been a little more relaxed with it.  Not every night anymore.
  • No maternity clothes yet accept for some shirts now for the length and the maternity workout tanks!  Still sticking strong to this!

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Recipes tried this week! You can find the pin board of them here