Letters to you: 21 weeks

20 wks 1Here's my letter to you...

These last two weeks were pretty exciting for us as a family! First, we got to hear that you are growing and healthy!  Daddy, bubby and big sissy didn't come with Izzy and I to the ultrasound.  You were a happy little thing wiggling around.  When you were caught face forward, you looked as though you were making little kissie faces.

Second when I got to see you, I found out that you are a little girl!  Izzy and I didn't say a word to anyone else!  It was a surprise to all of them!  We planned the photo session for that night and I scurried around to setup our box, chart and get the balloons.  It was such an awesome way to celebrate you!!!

Well baby girl...I guess now it is time to start searching for a name to fit you.