My Journey to a Half Marathon!

001What a journey!

I never imagined me being a runner.

At first, I even hesitated calling myself a runner or even what I was doing was running. I began it all with a push of admiration.  Here I was trying to find my way to a fit life and there was two friends, Emily and her running partner Misty training for the Marine Corps Marathon!  I, of course, thought they were nuts.  I still think a marathon is crazy, but now I wonder if I'm crazy enough to try it!

Here goes...  I started walking.  Walking A LOT!  Serious things started happening!  I was feeling better and getting faster!  It was time to pick up the pace!!!  I downloaded the Zen Labs - C25K to my hubby's surprise and completed day 1 on 9/19.

September Walks

By September 26th, I started my Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge.


Day 30 of the Challenge


Amazing and unbelievable changes were happening!!!  I could not believe it for myself until I would sit down and look at the pictures side by side.


Black dress


By December 9th, I did it.  I ran a 5K in 36:30!  It may not have been pretty but who cares!  I did it!  I was pushing my little guy and Adrian had the two girls.  They are our little motivators.  Every time I'd say something to Aiden, he tell me that I was doing great and keep exercising.  🙂




My first 90 Day Challenge ended and boy oh boy was there a reward!!!  Down 26.9 lbs overall...down 13% body fat...35 lbs of fat gone...increased my lean body mass by 8 lbs!  I had lost 24.3"...a size 16 down to a size 8!!!!!!!



Over the Christmas vacation, my husband and I continued onto to the Zen Labs - C210K trainer.  By February 5th, I completed that too!  It was also within the end of that process that we found that there was a little blessing on the way.  I eased up on my training, but I still sat here on registration day for the Run Like A Diva Half Marathon and signed up.  Pregnant does not mean taken down!

I started to continue on training!  I followed this as much as I could.  With the thought of running for two, I lowered my pace, added intervals of walk more and rested more when my body called for it.

Half Marathon Training


In further preparation, I purchased the Gabrialla Elastic Maternity Belt and a Garmin Forerunner 210.  I was as ready as I was going to be!  We drove on down to North Myrtle Beach the day before the race to go to the expo and pickup my packet.  No turning back now.




I had my breakfast at a very early Body By Vi Vi-Shape with an instant coffee packet.  I was going to need some kind of caffeine to wake myself up!




Emily and Misty picked me up that morning from the hotel.  We headed over to a shuttle and then to the start line with Emily's friend, Shannon, too.




We could not have asked for better weather!  The second we crossed the start line I tried to tune out everything.  Listen to my breathing.  Start my garmin and the intervals function.  Hear the beats on my iPod.  Pay no attention to the people going passed me.  Find my pace.

By about 9 miles in I started to feel the pain.  My calves hurt.  My thighs hurt.  My feet hurt.  You name it and it hurt.  It was not the danger type of hurt.  More like the "man that grass looks like a nice place to nap" hurt.




And there they were...  right before the 10 mile marker...  My amazingly supportive husband and my three beautiful babies.  I tried my best not to choke up and cry but they were exactly where I needed them.  It was as though all the pain just stopped.  I had 3.1 miles to go and I could hug them.  I'd be lying if I said the end was easy, but mentally I was back in it.




And I don't know her name...  But "we got this!" was an awesome encourager!  Every time my brain questioned how many more steps she would say something.  Thank you!  You're a complete stranger but thank you for helping push me through!




In the end...I did it.  I was slow but done.  Something that had been in the works since September and even 19 & half weeks pregnant...I did it!!!