Run for Warriors 10K & Half Marathon!


The hubs, Emily, Aiden and I went to the Run for Warriors in Jacksonville.  I was signed up for the 10K while Adrian and Emily were signed up for the half marathon!


This marked 22 weeks 4 days of the pregnancy!


This was Adrian's first half marathon and my first 10K!  I know...I'm a little backwards.  I went from a half marathon down to doing a 10K after LOL!


I finished at 1:31 which is right where I expected to be.  The doctor told me that I need to be sure to watch for different things as well as slowing down, so for now...finishing will be my satisfaction!

Adrian and Emily finished with a 2:35:35 ish...the internet results and the hubby's running app said otherwise.  So very proud of him finishing his first half marathon!  I can't wait till post baby running and we can do it together!!!