Letters to you: 25 weeks

IMG_6644Here's my letter to you...

These last two weeks have been some of the best...well except for the sleeping little missy!  We've been able to have a little bit of alone time with Daddy and Izzy while Aiden & Lilli enjoyed the beach with Nanny.

There hasn't been much going on except for the stocking up, sorting and organizing everything we are going to need for your arrival.  Mrs. Steph and Maddie have sent so much down here for you!  And I found your new hat from Urban Hookin'!  She was having an auction to raise money for a Susan G. Komen run.  Perfect for you and for a wonderful cause I say!

Oh and we found out that we are going to get the chance to see you again soon!  3D Ultrasound will be at the end of the month!!!  Love you baby girl!