Little bit of Upcycling!

IMG_6443A couple months ago I ordered a green maternity dress from Old Navy.  It was meant to match the color scheme that we had for our beach pictures which were also our pregnancy announcement pictures.  When I got it in I must say that all I really loved was the color and the length.  The neckline, however, was missing something.  I searched for a little while for a tiered yellow necklace to add to it but I had no luck.  The pictures came and went...I wore something else.

Now I was sitting with a dress that I liked but didn't love AND had already taken the tags off.  Again I went to my inspiration hub Pinterest.  I had a few things on there that inspired me to try quick, messy rosettes.

I clipped an 18" x 6" strip of my favorite yellow fabric ( mustard ta dots), folded it in half (along the 6"), started bending & pinning down flowers, loved the look, hand stitched the flowers in place (spiraled each rose) and DONE!

This took about 20 mins from start to finish!!!!