At 32…

32Honestly, I cannot remember where I'd said I'd be at 32.  I cannot remember what I thought I'd have accomplished.  I can say that I couldn't have imagined where I am.

So on my 32nd, I can say...

  • I have a wonderful husband, 3 amazingly funny little ones and blessed to have a 4th on the way.
  • I have been blessed to be surrounded by amazing people I get to call family and friends.
  • I have found love in my sewing machine and blessed enough with a business.
  • I have found my stress relief and a personal challenge in a pair of running shoes.
  • I have completed half of my credits towards the degree that always seemed to be put aside.

And I simply could not ask for more!


Here's to 32...may this next year be filled with adventures and happy times!  And if not, I'm still ready for the ride because with all my blessings already I know I could endure!