Letters to you: 29 weeks

IMG_7235Here's my letter to you...

The last two weeks have been exciting! We got the chance to see your sweet face and count those fingers & toes. The doctor said that we are doing great and right on schedule!  I really wonder what schedule they mean though.  Your brother and 2 sisters all believed their schedules were to be forced out after their due dates.

We have been preparing the last few things for your arrival. The clothes are all washed and put away. Daddy and I found a carrier to keep you safe and snuggled while we are out.  Soon we will be arranging our bedroom to be including your crib.  I cannot believe we are already that close!

Oh and we have our beach run this weekend!  You really are so much happier when we're on the move.  It's always a peaceful day without any belly tightening afterwards.

I love you, Hannah.