Menu Planning: First week…ugh!

20130715-100645.jpgMenu Planning...  seems easy enough, right?  My non-pregnant OCD self would tell you that it sounds like a dream!  But right now...oh boy!

After attempting to sit down with some of my favorite magazine recipe torn pages, printed off recipes, recipe book and my Pinterest boards, I came up with 3 weeks worth of planning.  I am determined to give this a go!  I started to feel guilty that my tiredness was effecting our family dinners.  We have definitely done take out much more than I'd like to admit BUT I admit it...I'm not Wonder Woman (although I'd love to be able to rock the outfit!).

All was looking to be like this was going to be a piece of cake.  I was going to have a set recipe list, ideas and most important...a shopping list.  I am the worst about having a foodie inspiration moment and we are out of one ingredient necessary.  I, of course, sit and pout because now I want {insert food here}.  What happens next?  Lean cuisine.  So I got to it!

20130715-100631.jpgThe first plan I made was an easier one and tailored to our week's schedule with appointments and my school heavy days.

At week's end, I had stuck to the first 3 dinners and bombed there after.  I had forgotten the broccoli, the hubby had Friday off and school was worse on Thursday than I had anticipated.  Such is life though!

We did, however, finish the week with one of the tastiest recipes hands down!  It was's Italian Antipasto Salad.  I've been on a huge salad kick lately (especially Olive Garden's!).  This salad was so good!  The hubby chopped up all of the veggies for it as I was mixing the dressing and getting the meats.  After we sat down to eat, we both immediately decided that was the one that was entering the Doria Family recipe keeper book!