Semper Fit Sand-Sational 8K

20130713-122921.jpgThe Semper Fit Sand-Sational 8K was the last of my "longer" runs during this pregnancy.  I was quite determined to do this to prove to myself that even pregnant it was possible.  Being almost 5 miles on the sand and in the summer...I had serious doubts!  It was a challenge.  Don't mistake that for one minute but slow and steady...I did it!  The start was slow...  The middle was slow...  The end was slow...  But I did it.  And I have to say, there are some amazing things that you see while at these runs.  The 87 year old Marine Corps veteran was one of them!  I hope at that age I'm still going strong too!

And I have to simply say it again...a friend that won't worry about the forever lasting internet results to keep you company as you're slowly chugging along is something amazing!  Thank you Emily!