Letters to you: 31 weeks

20130715-101004.jpgHere's my letter to you...

We are officially registered at the hospital.  Your brother and I made sure to head up there after my last appointment so we are all finished with the paperwork.  Well and of course in case you try to surprise us!

Daddy has moved your crib into our room for you to stay close to us as well as the changing table.  I think it has become a little more real to me that you are about to be entering our family and not just through little kicks.

PS Daddy wants you to know that he feels you kicking him to when I lye next to him at night.

Speaking of kicks...You have managed to kick both your big brother and Lilli.  They are so looking forward to you.  They keep asking if you're done growing inside yet.  I hope you can tell the love that you are finding your way into.

Please no coming out for at least another 5 weeks.  I want to be sure you aren't under-cooked 🙂

I love you, Hannah.