Busy Izzy

IMG_783518 months.

We've hit that point.  That age that I love more than anything.  It's the moment that each of my little kidlets have attempted to communicate by leaps and bounds.  Each day is a new word or moment.  Every second she shows me a little bit more of her personality that she is growing into.  All with a little less frustration of not being able to tell me what it is she needed.

So far...

We have started to full out "cheese" for the camera.  With a beautiful little smile and all.

IMG_7723We have been saying "mama", "daddy", "bub bub" (bubby), "thank you", "please", "cheese", "night night", "love you" and so very much more!  Just this morning I heard an "orange" and "banana" come out!

We have been climbing...everywhere!

We like to help...unload the dishwasher, put clothes in the dryer, wipe down the table and put toys in the toy bin!

We LOVE putting on everyone's shoes and walking around as well as their hats & sunglasses.

IMG_7783We enjoy singing especially hum/singing to Veggie Tale's theme song!

We have become a full on water baby!

We have the "fang" teeth finally coming in.  Your two front teeth still have a little bit of a gap and I'm secretly hoping it stays.  It definitely plays into your personality!  Oh and you love brushing those little teeth of yours!

Oh man...if only I could remember it all!  Izzy has simply started to come into her own which is a little firecracker that is loving to have brief snuggling moments!