Menu Planning: Week 2

First newbie move realized...I forgot to plan for leftovers! By Wednesday, an entire shelf in the fridge was leftover containers. Back to the drawing board for the next week's organization!

Some of this week's stars!


One Pot Wonder Tomato Basil Pasta Recipe & Savory Zucchini Asiago Tomato Scones

This was the hubby's favorite for the week! The one pot pasta did have me questioning how it was all going to come out. I'm not used to boiling my pasta with...well anything except the normal water and salt.

The scones...not really for me as is. The hubby loved them. I felt that they would need a side of marinara for dipping. Paired with the tomato basil pasta definitely did not provide that extra to sop up with it.


Roast Chicken with Rosemary and Lemon & Roasted Lemon Potatoes

This dinner was my favorite of the week!

The roasted chicken wasn't too citrus. I actually added a little extra minced garlic to the top of it before it headed to the oven. Oh! And I took the skin off before too. I know I could have simply seasoned under the skin and removed it afterwards but the hubs & I wanted to see if it would really effect the juiciness of the certainly did not!

Potatoes! Yummy carb loaded potatoes! I'm not sure there are too many recipes out there that would deter me from potatoes and this one was for sure not even close. I used red potatoes instead and left the skin. The spices worked perfectly and the outsides crisped just a little with leaving the inside soft and perfect!


Simple Tuna Cucumber Boats with Lighter Chicken Salad instead & a side of potato salad!

I'm trying to find some creative lunches for the kids and I. Salads and sandwiches get so boring. Another I stated before...leftovers! Solved both issues in one shot...chicken from the previous meal and made it into chicken salad as well as turning the potatoes into a potato salad using the same recipe as I did for the chicken salad.

Looking for the recipes I use? Check out my Pinterest boards!


Blackened Chicken Salad with Light Buttermilk Ranch Dressing


Vegetable Calzones