Darling + Pearl

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Darling + Pearl Letterpress

This lovely business is owned and run by a friend I have known for years, Lauren.  She has always had an artistic flare and its expression comes through beautifully within each piece she creates.

You may recognize her work from my business sign I had made a little while back.


For both of my signs, I had worked through a custom design with Lauren.  The greatest part about the recent sign?  I had really sent a lot to Lauren.  I had found aspects of several different signs that I loved and wanted incorporated into one.  She sifted through all of my requests and man...she impressed me yet again!


How perfect, right?!?!  The hubby and I have our hard work displayed beautifully.  Also, if you are curious to how beautiful her stationary and letterpress quality is...I can only say amazing things about that also!


Please feel free to check her work out for yourself!

Darling + Pearl Letterpress


Contact via  lauren@darlingandpearl.com

Please note that I have not been paid or received free goods for this product review. I have not been asked to write this either. This has been done on my own with a product I chose to purchase from my pledge to buy homemade.