Venturing down the path of cloth diapering

13678906900Some people may think I have lost my mind. Here I am on baby number 4 debating cloth diapering. But have I really? I've always been curious about cloth diapering but the yuck factor stopped me. Well by baby number 4...I've seen it all, smelled it all, touched it all and even worse...worn it all. That right there is the game changer.

Now to why I'm making a change...

  1. The babes. Each one has had skin issues with heat rashes, diaper rashes, eczema, etc. It has been horrible on them. We've been through different detergents, diaper creams, bath washes and brand of diapers. Nothing has been able to really give these babes full relief unless they had naked bottoms. Not to mention the chemicals involved with disposable diapering (if you remember the quick Pamper scare in 2009) gave my poor baby boy the worst rash he ever had! I'm willing to put in the work if it means that Isabel will not have as many rashes and Hannah will have a happier diapering experience.
  2. More cost effective. Ok...I know what you are saying. They are like $15 - $25 each! How is stocking a drawer with 20 - 30 diapers cost effective? Simple. It's time to use all of the mommy skills I've learned along the way from other mamas and beg for more advice. I've found endless diaper swaps, reviews, name it! My good friend is lending me some of her old ones to use. I've ordered some from some sites staying under a strict budget AND I have found free patterns to be able to give my own crack at it! ( and So here's my thought...the cost of disposable diapers is at least $40/month. For 2 - 3 years of disposable diapering, $960 - $1440. For a 20 - 30 stack of cloth one size diapers, $300 - $750 (using the prices of $15 - $25). Yes, there are other cost to cloth diapering BUT there are other costs to disposable too. There's extra laundry (detergent and water) to the extra disposal (like a diaper genie).

Now here's my journey...

  1. Read everything! I found this blog to be hands down the best and easiest read...Cloth Diapering 101
  2. pic1Ask friends that use them! In this process, I got super lucky! My friend had 3 pocket bum genius, 2 all-in-one bum genius and 2 newborn gdiapers for me to use as well as a planet wise wet bag and ton of soaker inserts. My other friend had a great breakdown of a bunch of different brands she's tried and the pros/cons of them.
  3. List your basics. Your's may be more or less than mine depending on your personal preferences and what you may already have. My budget consisted of cloth diapers, drying rack, wet bag, diaper pail and laundry bags for $200.
  4. The diapers...first we had to decide on new, used, handmade, commercial made, piece by piece or bulk order. After using the bum genius pockets, we also found ourselves saying velcro or snaps. Decisions started to become easy with that one at least when we had a stuck laundry situation AND Isabel running out of nap time with a bare bottom.. Found great reviews on Alva Baby so I ordered some there for $6 - $8 each, a second wet bag and 2 laundry bags. I've been working on making a couple also.
  5. 31ULH2rMWfLFound this blog on diaper pails Babble Blogger Favorites: Diaper Disposal Units and chose the Bambino Mio Nappy Bucket and Lid, White
  6. Develop a new cleaning habit. Learn how to launder your new diapers to get the best amount of use out of them.
  7. Finally set yourself up for the best situations possible. This blog post, Thrifty Momma Diapering, had the best setup I have seen so far. We are working on a setup close to this one!