Nesting: Baby wipes & wipes solution bottle with recipe

20130819-100832.jpgHow can you not love simple, little projects!

The cover on the bottle was easy peasy!

Measure around.  Cut adding an additional inch.

I serged the top and bottom of the flannel

Sew a 1/2" seam to the edges.  Done!

These are baby wipes that I made from scrap flannel I had.

Cut them into a 7" x 8" piece

We wanted them to be double layered, so place the print sides out together.

Folded them in half long end wise twice. Placed down a cup on the straight corners. Cut to round them.

Serge all around!



For the wipes solution recipe, I found and have been using...

  • 1 oz baby oil
  • 1 oz baby wash
  • 6 oz water
  • For scented, add lavender oil
  • For rash, add tea tree oil

Please note that this may not be the best for everyone, it's simply what we are using here.  Use your own discretion.