Working on our financial fitness

Accomplishment belongs where we can see it!
Accomplishment belongs where we can see it!

I recently finished reading the Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover. I'm proud to say that this house is totally on board with it! We are not doing bad but we could always being doing better right? Knowing and hearing things the way he put it definitely reached me. I do think though that I was ready to hear it.

Over the last couple years, as our family was growing, I had adapted to paycheck stretching at its finest. Well...I like to think I have. I first read Married To The Military by Meredith Leyva and followed it with Greatest Secrets of the Coupon Mom by Stephanie Nelson.

Budgeting is not something foreign to me, but I am no expert at it either. I do enjoy maintaining our normal bill monthly budgets. I find that there's always room for improvement.

Here are some things that I have found along the way that has helped me.

  1. Delete the sale emails or place the sale emails that have coupons you "need" in a separate folder. If you really need that item, you'll remember about the coupon being there and not make it a spur of the moment purchase. Spur of the moment = bad spending! I catch myself internet window shopping my favorite sites just because I got in a coupon code.
  2. I do keep a coupon binder that I printed from The Krazy Coupon Lady and I coupon clip, circle & use. I'm not super big on running out to get the few items that are free or close to free unless I need them because in this area it's a serious fight to get there first.
  3. Recently I have been menu planning. It started as more of a way to try all the recipes I wanted to on Pinterest and transformed into dropping my grocery bill down by 20-35%.

20130815-094521.jpgI'm proud to say that we are a month in to the Total Money Makeover. We are done baby step one and proudly on number 6 of 9 in baby step two already!!!

We are shredding as we finish them off.  It's a little way of celebrating!

Quick to do on my envelope frame...

  • Bought a clearanced shadowbox frame from Kohl's
  • Took out the background that was in the frame already
  • Grabbed out some scrapbook card stock I had and cut a new background using the old one as my template
  • Cut 9 - 3" x 3" squares
  • Folded the squares down holding the center with double sided tape
  • Arranged the 9 envelopes on my background and secured with double sided tape
  • Hot glued most of the card shredding into the envelopes (I did in order we paid them off to appease my OCD)
  • Put the frame back together & on the wall!

Please be sure that when you do this process that you have managed to shred the card down as small as possible leaving no trace of any numbers or toss out the shredded number pieces all together 🙂