Fit Prego: Might be time to stop.

20130829-074016.jpgI've entered the realm of sleepless nights and back laboring.  Normal errands and appointments have been enough to get to the halfway of my daily step goals in FitBIt.  I find that this pregnancy I have definitely been feeling more.  Not sure if it's because this is number 4 or maybe because I am a lot more tone.  I'm still weighing 35 lbs less than my pregnancy with Izzy 2 years ago, about 25 lbs less than 4 years ago with Lilli and about 45 lbs less than I was 6 years ago with Aiden.  When I said this is my fittest pregnancy yet, I really meant it.

Needless to say...I think it's time for me to stop.  I couldn't imagine a run or a walk at the moment.  I'm wondering if this little girl is trying to make her appearance soon.  I guess we shall see!

Here goes…

Weight: 196.9 lbs today

Pregnancy Weight Start: 177.8 lbs as of 1/23/13

Week: 37 Day 1

Total pregnancy gain: 19.1 lbs Progress

  • Signing up for the USO Boots on the Run 5K...maybe.  It's stroller and walking friendly!
  • Maintaining my pregnancy gain under the healthy amount of 20 lbs
  • Stroller Warrior’s “I ran to Afghanistan” campaign…I’m at 178/250 miles!
  • Most important…staying hydrated!!!!
  • Menu planning has been a healthy food success!
  • Staying steady with MyFitnessPal!

Recipes tried this week! You can find the pin board of them here