Letters to you: 37 weeks

20130829-074134.jpgHere's my letter to you...

These last two weeks have been quite busy around here.  Your big brother started school.  Your big sister started her dance school year.  We are on the every week appointment schedule at the doctor's office.

The doctor said that you seem to be measuring right on schedule and we are both still doing really well.

1098416_10200717363399884_244319940_nOur bags have been packed and your car seats are strapped into the cars.  To pass the time, I've been working on some stuff especially for you like blankets, wash clothes, burp clothes, reusable wipes and diapers.

Your mom mom and grandma have been busy too!  Grandma has been working on your quilt for your crib from the fabric we found.  Mom mom has been sewing your homecoming dress as well as some crocheted hats and shoes.

Your nanny is coming in to visit right after your birth.  You are going to absolutely love her!  She's the best baby swaddler and sleep rocker you'll ever meet!

You might even be having your grandpa coming in to visit too!

I love you, Hannah.  Cannot wait to see you!