Nesting: Car seat blanket


There are so many ideas out many ways to customize a certain concept.  I sat down and decided to combine a handful together to better suit our needs for a car seat blanket.

Inspiration from...

My main concern with making one of these was the overheating issue we have had with all three kidlets up to this point.  As comfy and cozy as the flannels, minkies and fleeces look, we have to keep in mind that they may just not work.  I felt it'd be better for us to use a cotton knit with a cotton outside.  Better to under do it than over it in our experience with baby heat rashes.  My husband was not too keen on the hood feature either.  He said that he'd much rather us grab a hat than over do it there too.  That being was time to work magic!


I custom sized this to the car seat we are using.  From the top of the seat belt/neck area to the bottom that gets folded up to cover the little feet, it is 31".  The length of the flap for the side of the blanket is 21".


Biggest suggestion when attempting the cotton knits, pin A LOT!  This is one of the fabrics I dread for the simple reason that it moves on you and fast.  You could have one stitch that creates a fold.

I serged the two materials together with the right sides out.

Followed the tutorials for the cuts on the straps as well as bias tape to close those edges.

Now...we just need a baby to {insert here}.