Menu Planning: Last normal week!

This is the last normal week for our menu planning.  I've prepared our baby prep food list and next week starts the double cooking.  Friends have been helping me with their favorite crock pot or freezer friendly to put my list together.  Stay tuned!20130829-193042.jpg

My favorite for the week...

Baked Eggplant Parmesan Boats with Sausage

I am usually not a big fan of eggplant.  It is definitely one of those things I have to be in the mood for.  This recipe hit the spot.  The eggplant did not end up runny or mushy.  Its filling complimented it all perfectly too!


The hubby's favorite for the week...

Chicken and Broccoli Noodle Casserole

It has been a while since we made a casserole.  I feel like a lot of them are kind of hit or miss with the flavors and perfect consistency.  We all loved this one...even the picky eater!


Low Fat Turkey Bacon Wrap Recipe


Spaghetti with Creamy Broccoli Pesto


Honey-Glazed Ham Recipe & Flavorful Mashed Potatoes Recipe