Menu Planning: Baby Prep Week 1

It's time.  It's time to prepare for the tired road ahead of all that amazing smelling new babiness!  After my last baby prep about 2 years ago, I realized that it was simply well worth it to not have to think too hard about what to do for dinner after bringing a new baby home.  It made it easy on all of us even with the kids' godmother coming to visit. For a peek of what we did then,,


 Cheesy enchilada soup

We made a couple changes to the recipe by recommendation of my friend, Megan, over at Living My Charmed Life.  She suggested we could cut down on calories, sodium & fat by using 2 chicken breasts instead of the ground chuck, half the cheese and by using frozen corn instead of canned.  We also added 2 cups of water and did not add the sour cream to the top (at hubby's request).  Instead we had a few tortilla strips for salads that we threw on top!

After this delicious soup, I had a plan of Italian foods. My thoughts on preparing a bunch of freezer meals was stick with similar ingredients each week so we were making the most out of each jar, can, bag, container, etc.

 So we have...


Baked penne with sausage & spinach


Spinach lasagna rolls


Spinach ricotta gnocchi with sage butter


Chicken rollatini with zucchini & mozzarella

After we finished up those meals, I started to check what else we had in the deep freezer from the last couple weeks.

Finally, our football kick off meal...


Honey Sesame Chicken

Asian cuisine is one of my hubby's favorites!  He loves sweet and tangy so as the last kindness (Ha!).  I had to go ahead and make this one.  We had it prior to the NY Giants & Dallas Cowboys (boo!) kick off.