Fit Prego: You might wonder…

20130911-070957.jpgYou might be asking...why this picture?  Well these jeans are the very same ones I continue to talk about.  They are my Vera Wang size 14 capris.  Of course, they no longer go over any part of the belly but the rest of my body has remained the same!  I did it!  I did it without ever touching maternity pants!!!!

Here goes…

Weight: 197.8 lbs today

Pregnancy Weight Start: 177.8 lbs as of 1/23/13

Week: 39

Total pregnancy gain: 20 lbs Progress

  • Finished our healthy baby freezer prep! and the second week will be all set to publish on Monday 🙂
  • Signing up for the USO Boots on the Run 5K...maybe. We haven't actually signed up yet. This may be something that we have to do the day or two before. But It's stroller and walking friendly!
  • Maintaining my pregnancy gain under the healthy amount of 20 lbs
  • Stroller Warrior’s “I ran to Afghanistan” campaign…I’m at 178/250 miles! I'm not really running anymore. The heat is still too much for me.
  • Staying steady with MyFitnessPal but I don't always remember to input the whole day in.

Recipes tried this week! You can find the pin board of them here