Letters to you: 39 weeks

1185105_10151856431564855_1872476701_nHere's my letter to you...

Well baby girl here we are.  We are all hanging tight waiting for your debut.  I have finished up the last pieces to my class.  All of the freezer meals are ready.  Your bubby keeps trying to tell you to come out.  He just really wants to see your face as he puts it.

We spoke with your grandpa Frank and he has booked his flight for next month!  You are going to have all sorts of visitors and that's because you are really something special to all of us already.

You've just received a special crocheted blanket in from your great Grammy.  All else is set and ready for you!

I cannot wait to be holding you in my arms!

I love you already, Hannah!  Come let the world see you now!