DIY Fabric Carnation

20131003-162908.jpgI decided to give another bow style a try when my baby girl came to me upset that she didn't have a bow to match with her new peasant dress I made her.

It broke my heart a little so I got over to pinterest and began to search.  I needed something that dealt with material and not ribbon so I figured that a flower may be the best bet.  In my searching I found this tutorial from Afro-Indie Chic  I mostly followed her great directions but felt that I needed more fluff to mine since I wasn't using t-shirt material.

DIY Fabric Carnation

  • 10 - 3" circles of main material
  • 2 - 3" circles of center material, cut in half
  • 1 - 3" circle of stabilizer or felt


Simple way to cut a circle.  Find something that is close to the sizing you need and rotary cut around it.  If you don't have a rotary cutter, draw around with a pencil.


This picture is missing the 2 additional Giants circles I decided to do.20131003-154952.jpg

Take the main material circle and fold it in half.


Then fold third inward.  Flip it and fold the other third inward.


Should look like an "S"

Layer the "S" folded pieces around the stabilizer or felt using glue to secure it.  I did 6 around the bottom and four in the second layer.

Finally, roll the center semi-circles, continue to roll the second one around the first and continue with rest.  Trim the bottom cone of it off.  Glue to the center.


 Attach to a headband or clip.  Done!