Chasing down my Fit: Postpartum Week Two

IMG_9980The wait.  Nothing but waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting some more.  They were not kidding when they said that patience is a virtue.  I'm waiting to get back out on the pavement.  I'm waiting for the doctor's "all clear".  Just 2 more weeks to go!

I've already begun to plan out the rest of the year!  The hubby and I are hoping to hop into the Hampstead Turkey Trot 8K and the finale to the Semper Fit Grand Prix, the Santa Shuffle! Then...2014...oh it's on!  I'm Disney Princess Half Marathon bound!  And call me crazy but decided to do the Glass Slipper Challenge, the Enchanted 10K on Saturday and Princess Half on Sunday!  That's right.  19.3 miles in 24 hours!

Here goes now…

Pregnancy Weight Start: 177.8 lbs as of 1/23/13

Labor & Delivery Weigh-in: 199.5 lbs as of 9/23/13 (40 weeks 5 days)

Weight as of today: 181.5 lbs

Total pregnancy gain: 21.7 lbs Progress

Total postpartum loss: 18 lbs

  • I'm in my normal clothes from before the pregnancy!
  • About to start my measurements again but sorta dreading it.  I know that my body has been through a lot but I feel like mentally I need to syke myself up to start it all over again.
  • I've been up and moving.  Light activities only.  I have yet to put my running shoes on.  The time will come for that.  I just need to have a little more patience.  Here's what I've been following
  • Enjoying some much appreciated dinners brought by and our freezer meals!  I have started up with more greens and protein again.  I want to be sure that I am maintaining a good nutrition balance.
  • Stroller Warrior’s “I ran to Afghanistan” campaign…I’m at 178/250 miles.  Hoping to get back at it soon!  My goal is to finish this before the end of the year!
  • Back in full force with logging in my MyFitnessPal

Recipes tried this week! You can find the pin board of them here