Fit Foodie Plan: Postpartum Week 2

I'm starting the change up.  We've been appreciating all the wonderful meals prepared for us from friends and the spouses of my husband's co-workers.  But's creeping up to time.  Time to head from my regular Menu Planning to a Fit Foodie plan.  Honestly, a lot will not be changing but I feel that the title better suits what we are doing and that's finding our fit in exercise, training and most importantly food!


Freezer breakfast burritos for the hubs to take to work in the morning!!

Frozen Healthy Breakfast Burritos Recipe


I could not resist!  I just had to!  Pumpkin is my kryptonite.  I cannot focus, function...nothing.  And...they were worth it.

Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice Kiss Cookies


This was definitely the last of the quenching of pumpkiny sweet goodness...or maybe not.  But least it was a more calorie friendly recipe, right?  Oh I can't resist!!!!

Pumpkin Roll, Lightened Up