Rainy Day: DIY Changing Table Cushion Cover

Rainy Day: DIY Changing Table Cushion Cover

20131009-103002.jpgThis project was not one on a whim.  This was "it's midnight, the changing pad cover is now wet, go to grab another and realizing it doesn't exist"!  Yep.  That was us.  When you're preparing for a new baby, you just are not going to remember everything.  It's impossible.  Thank goodness I still had minky lying around after making a few other things!


  • Minky - My cut due to the changing pad size was 40"x 24".
  • Elastic - I used 1 package of 1/2" braided soft stretch elastic that was 1.5 yards.
  • Changing pad - My changing pad is 33"x 17"x 1.5".


Measure out your cushion.


Add 3 1/2" for each side. Cut minky.


I prefer to rounded edges when I am going to serge all the way around and intend to make a casing for elastic.  Easiest way to have a perfect round edge...fold so all corners are stacked, place a bowl down and rotary cut around the outside.


I prefer to serge the edges when working with minky.  If you don't have a serger, add 1/2" to your minky cut initially.  Make a 1/2" fold and sew.


Fold 1" and sew 1/4" in.


I fold the round edge in 3 parts so that it's loose still for the elastic to be thread through.


Leave 2" open for the elastic threading opening.


I like to attach one end of my elastic to the opening so it doesn't go into the casing while I'm working the front through.


When finished, you will have to sew the elastic together.


Overlap it by 1" and sew a zig zag stitch or other decorative stitch.  It's meant to hold it better in case the elastic begins to unravel.