DIY Pacifier Clip

20131011-081745.jpg During my break in classes, I've had a lot of time to do some sewing for us.  It's been quite refreshing to tell the truth.  I love being able to find something we need or could use and solving the problem (with the help of Pinterest of course LOL).

The latest need we've had was a pacifier clip.  Anyone with the pit of all that's lost aka a diaper know that when you need a paci, it's no where to be found!  In my searching, I found this wonderful tutorial from WeAllSew  I did change a few things but it was only to accommodate for my plastic snaps versus the metal snaps.


Step Nine was one of my changes.  This is where I placed 3 of my four snaps on.  The only one that didn't at this point was on the strap.


As for the strap, I made mine double sided with the interior fabric.


 I was able to get my snap on and turn it back through so the right side was out easier.


So cute, right!?!?


Thank you WeAllSew!