Isabel is 2!

IMG_3300Oh my sweet bebe, Isabel.

I cannot believe that it has been 2 years already!  You really bring something amazing to this family with all of your adorable quirks.  It really does feel as though the time has flown.

When you were born, we lived across the nation in the desert and now we live in our own home near the beach.  You have grown up and taken your first steps in our first home as well as many of your other firsts.  It is amazing when you really think about it.  You were the first to do that here and give our home a baby blessing.

1518131_10152203490599756_2072117622_nI must admit that I do miss your little shark fin, but now that fin has become a mop of thick hair.  And it fits you just as well!  Not to mention you have the cutest little faces.  And that smile!  Oh my goodness!  That smile and the gap in your front teeth!  I'll never be able to confess to you how much I truly love you.  You warm my heart.

A funny are not speaking all that well.  (I think it's a conspiracy and you're going to bust out with full sentence one morning when you feel like it.)  BUT you do say some things in chinese and spanish.  I know...crazy!  Blame your love for Kai lan and Dora!  Otherwise you are unstoppable lately!

IMG_3099I know that it has been happening for a while but I've just begun to realize that you aren't really a baby anymore.  It makes me kinda sad but excited for what is ahead.

I love you Isabel Noelle.