Maybe I am flaky.

20140131-003709.jpgIt's hard for people to understand why I may say no to invitations or last minute not be able to come. It may be hard to understand how someone so active sits at home so much instead of making it to the gym or a workout. It may be hard to see why someone who may need a moms night out so much doesn't attend. Truth of it is...maybe I am flaky.

I have 4 kids under 6. Two in diapers and one still nursing.
I am a student working on my bachelors in a program that cycle classes every 5 weeks.
I am a small sewing business owner who uses "extra" time to get orders done.
I am a fit foodie. Meaning...I enjoy healthy menu planning, clean grocery shopping, food prepping and cooking all while trying to squeeze in time to run or other exercise.
I am a blogger and social media addict. I love to write, photograph and post life. It is rewarding and heart warming to know what I do people find helpful or inspiring.
And in all other moments...I'm stealing baby snuggles or moments because I know that this won't last forever and before I know it...I'll have all the time in the world because they will all be in school.

So maybe I am flaky...but maybe for good measure 😉